Mark Kuestner
for City Council

Thank You to all who voted!

And thank you to all who supported my candidacy for a seat on the Manzanita City Council this year. I’ve appreciated your thoughts, interest and concerns so much.

Hearty congratulations to newly-elected council member Brad Mayerle and our returning council member Linda Kozlowski! Also, congratulations to our new Mayor, Deb Simmons.

There’s so much to do, and I know you three will do your best to learn the issues and help us map out a positive future for our town. I will be participating actively to do my part as a citizen to learn what challenges and solutions we have before us.

I urge my neighbors to be involved too.

Together is the way.

Mark Kuestner

Mark Kuestner (KEST-ner)


I’m running for Manzanita City Council because I have the skills, experience, temperament and commitment to do the hard work our city requires right now. This is a pivotal moment for Manzanita that demands our local government and citizens act together to shape a better future.

Since 2018, I’ve been very engaged in how our City functions. I’ve attended nearly every City Council, Planning Commission, Budget Committee, and Short-Term Rental Workgroup meeting. In addition, I’ve participated in the Manzanita Listens sessions along with many of you as we’ve honed our ideas of what we want our new City Facilities to be.

City Council members represent your voice in Manzanita government. I am asking that you vote for me to be your eyes, ears and voice on the Council. If I am elected, I will always consider the needs of citizens while we consider economic, political, and environmental actions. We must all focus on the issues currently facing us if we are to keep Manzanita the community that we love so much. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it!

I am passionate about our opportunity to act together to shape Manzanita’s future while solving our immediate issues.


The Council needs to revise the Manzanita Comprehensive Plan to support our long-term needs and better reflect our community values. We need to shape ordinances that enforce those ideals.

We need to adopt the Short-Term Rental Committee’s current recommendations so we are protecting both rental revenues and the needs of our residents. I believe we can strengthen that balance by creating a Destination Management Plan that maximizes the benefits of tourism while managing its impact on our infrastructure.

We must identify alternative revenue sources to reduce the City’s dependence on visitors to fund basic city services.

We should support a Master Trails Plan to help us preserve environmentally sensitive recreational areas while being mindful of user safety and interests.


”Manzanita needs Mark to help shape the future. He knows how to listen, build bridges and move forward.“

— Leila Salmon
Former Manzanita City Council President, 2020 Citizen of the Year

"Mark’s passion for this community resonates with his near perfect attendance at City Council, Planning Commission, Budget and Short-Term Rental meetings. He has a clear understanding of what drives the local government and the citizens being represented.

Mark Kuestner has the skills, vision and temperament to be a valuable addition to the City Council."

— Lee Hiltenbrand
Planning Commission Member, 2022 Citizen of the Year

"I sincerely hope that Mark is elected to the Manzanita City Council. He has been involved with several volunteer organizations over the past years including the Friends of the Library, the EVCNB, and the Hoffman Center Wonder Garden.

He works long hours and, especially in the case of the garden, is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

He has shown deep interest in the City government for all the years I have known him. When there is an issue with diverse opinions, he has shown that he is willing to do the research to find out the facts. He has also shown that he is more than willing to have calm, open, respectful conversations with anyone willing to join him."

— Jo Newhouse
Short-Term Rental Committee Member


Thank You from the Kuestners, 11/5/2022:

With Election Day almost here, I, along with Linda, Murphy and Malcolm, want to thank all of the people who made my campaign for City Council possible. Thanks also to everyone who has spoken with me as I’ve knocked on your doors, or has contacted me on my website, responded to my U.S. mail letter, stopped me at the grocery store to chat, or called me on the phone to let me know what’s on your mind. I appreciate all your time and interest in how to make Manzanita the best place for all of us.

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Hard Decisions for the New City Council, 11/1/2022:

Manzanita’s new City Council members take office in January 2023 and will immediately face decisions that will shape our town for years to come.

My long-term interest and involvement in our town both in local organizations and city government has prepared me to face these challenges head on.

The decisions made will call for hard choices as we weigh Manzanita livability issues vs. our need for revenue stability. They include:

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