Skills, Vision, Integrity

— Leila Salmon
Former Manzanita City Council President, 2020 Citizen of the Year

”Manzanita needs Mark to help shape the future. He knows how to listen, build bridges and move forward.“

— Kathryn Stock

”Thoughtful, committed leaders who know how to listen and how to take action are important for the future of our community. I am happy to endorse Mark Kuestner for Manzanita City Council.“

— Julia Pomeroy

"Engaged. Passionate. Has been putting in the hard work for years to connect with and listen at multiple levels to the Manzanita community. I’m impressed with his vision for an inclusive path forward."

— Lee Hiltenbrand
Planning Commission Member, 2022 Citizen of the Year

"Mark’s passion for this community resonates with his near perfect attendance at City Council, Planning Commission, Budget and Short-Term Rental meetings. He has a clear understanding of what drives the local government and the citizens being represented.

Mark Kuestner has the skills, vision and temperament to be a valuable addition to the City Council."

Thomas Aschenbrener
Former City Councilor

"Mark has been an active and visible presence in Manzanita volunteer activities for several years. He knows our community. I have listened to Mark and find his ideas sound, his moral compass reliably clear, and his commitment to our community's future deeply rooted in his life here."

Anupam Narayan
Short-Term Rental Committee Member

"Mark will bring a caring and balanced approach to finding solutions for the future."

— Judith Sugg

"Mark is a strong candidate who loves the community -- he'll be a wise council member."

— Ketzel Levine
Wonder Garden Director

"Chances are if you've read any of Mark's endorsements you'll know the extent of his civic involvement (in a word, exhaustive). What you can't imagine is what it's been like to work side by side with him for four years (in a second word, joyous).

Sure, he's a hard worker; no question, he has passion; does he solve problems with both know-how and imagination? Absolutely. But it's Mark's warmth and unfailing good humor that set him apart, that have made him such an integral part of the Hoffman Wonder Garden family. We're talking about a big-hearted, community-minded guy who uses his prodigious social skills to make us all feel part of a whole.

Given the kind of divisiveness we're living through, even right here in River City, my vote is not just for the nice guy but, in three words, The Nicest Guy."

Madeline Olson

"I am endorsing Mark Kuestner for Manzanita City Council. I have worked with Mark on at least the last three North Tillamook Library Friends Annual Book Sales. I've also benefited from and enjoyed Mark's contributions as a Master Gardener. His work at the Hoffman Center Wonder Garden is not only beautiful, but educational.

These are examples of Mark's commitment and contributions to our community. Mark is someone I've counted on to do what he says he will do when he says he will do it. This is a critical quality for someone who will work with colleagues on the City Council to guide the future of Manzanita. He is open, honest and listens carefully. In addition, he has spent hours attending and participating in Council meetings, Planning Commission Meetings and the Short Term Rental committees and the public processes for the replacement city hall. He is well versed in the issues facing Manzanita in the next 10 years and committed to understanding the various viewpoints of the public.

I urge you to vote for Mark Kuestner for Manzanita City Council."

— Jo Newhouse
Short-Term Rental Committee Member

"I sincerely hope that Mark is elected to the Manzanita City Council. He has been involved with several volunteer organizations over the past years including the Friends of the Library, the EVCNB, and the Hoffman Center Wonder Garden.

He works long hours and, especially in the case of the garden, is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

He has shown deep interest in the City government for all the years I have known him. When there is an issue with diverse opinions, he has shown that he is willing to do the research to find out the facts. He has also shown that he is more than willing to have calm, open, respectful conversations with anyone willing to join him."

— Marv & Patricia Welch

"Mark Kuestner is a person of integrity, talent and generosity.

Though not affiliated with St. Catherine's, he shared his knowledge of plants & gardening to help us make a pollinator's garden at our Church. We believe that same care for our community and his ability to bring us together for an intelligent exchange of ideas & opinions would be a great gift to Manzanita."

Lynne Gross

"I’m so glad that Mark Kuestner is running for Manzanita City Council. I live outside the voting district but the Council decisions impact all community residents and I think Mark is trustworthy, a measured thinker, and fair-minded.

What you see is what you get with Mark: no schmoozing, no empty rhetoric. He checks his facts. He puts his time and talent to good use for the benefit of others. He isn’t in it for the glory.

I hope voters will recognize that Mark is the real deal and he should be elected to represent us all."

Gail & Jon Bernard

"We are so happy Mark is running for city council in Manzanita. He researches issues intelligently and really cares about the future of Manzanita. We live in an adjacent community considering annexation to Manzanita so it’s important to us that someone of Mark’s caliber be elected to continue to protect Manzanita’s livability."

Other Endorsements

David and Lori Dillon
Toni Greening
Richard Neuman
Paula Peek
Bernard and Valerie Twiggs
Tillamook County Democrats