I want the best for Manzanita

Mark Kuestner for Manzanita City Council

August 27, 2022

This is a pivotal point in time for Manzanita. We need to come together and focus to:

  • Revise Manzanita’s Comprehensive Plan to meet community needs.

  • Implement recommendations to minimize short-term rental impacts on residential neighborhoods.

  • Identify alternative revenue sources to reduce the City’s dependency on visitors to fund basic city services.

Since moving to Manzanita 7 years ago, I’ve been studying how our City functions. I’ve witnessed our democracy in action: attended and participated in City Council, Short Term Rental, Budget and Planning meetings. I am passionate about our opportunity to act together now to shape Manzanita’s future while solving our immediate issues.

I am asking for your vote for a seat on the Manzanita City Council in November. Together we can work to create a framework to make certain that our town remains the wonderful place it is, while paying our bills well into the future.

Much needs to be done. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it!

Mark Kuestner