I want the best for Manzanita

Hard Decisions for the New City Council

November 1, 2022

Manzanita’s new City Council members take office in January 2023 and will immediately face decisions that will shape our town for years to come.

My long-term interest and involvement in our town both in local organizations and city government has prepared me to face these challenges head on.

The decisions made will call for hard choices as we weigh Manzanita livability issues vs. our need for revenue stability. They include:

  • Deciding on funding a new City Hall

  • Revising the Comprehensive Plan and updating city ordinances to support that plan

  • Housing that is affordable

  • Acting on Short Term Rental regulations

  • Appointing new citizen volunteers to important committee/commission positions

  • Potential legal challenges from the developer of the 34-room hotel near the Golf Course

I will make sure that our decisions are arrived at with the input from our citizens and in the best interests for our city’s future.

I’m Mark Kuestner and I ask for your vote for City Council.