I want the best for Manzanita


October 23, 2022

Our Manzanita City Council is composed of five virtually equal volunteer positions: a mayor, and four city councilors. It’s a great example of a team working toward a common goal. Our community benefits when that team is in sync.

Each council member has one vote on any issue that comes before them. A majority vote is necessary to pass legislation.

I’m asking you to give me a seat at the City Council team table by voting for me in November.

By now we all know many of the issues that are facing Manzanita and its citizens. The question you need to ask when you receive your ballot is “Who will make the team better and be able to help that team move forward?”

I have attended virtually all City Council meetings over the last 3 years, as well as the Short Term Rental Workgroup and Planning Commission meetings. Check the box for “who knows the background of the issues?”

I am a former Vice President and President of a local union and I know how the Manzanita City Council functions. Check the box for “who understands how government entities work and function?”

I have a long history of volunteering with local organizations like: the Manzanita Friends of the Library, the Hoffman Center’s Wonder Garden, Tillamook Master Gardeners, Tillamook Pioneer Museum, and regional entities like the Emergency Volunteer Corp of Nehalem Bay (EVCNB). Check two boxes for “who has already been working well with others locally to achieve good outcomes?” and “who has a shown a genuine concern for his neighbors and community for many years?”

I will bring a fresh viewpoint to Council, but one informed by actual knowledge of recent, and not-so-recent legislative discussions. I’m a team player, though I haven’t always agreed with decisions made by our Council. That is the nature of government. But I am looking forward to playing my part in finding the best solutions for all of us.

Most of the candidates running for a city council seat in November understand the issues–we’ve all talked about Short Term Rentals, the Comprehensive Plan, Livability and Workforce housing, and a new city facility. I’m asking you to choose a candidate who genuinely has organization and consensus-building skills, has lived here full-time long enough to understand the history and nuances behind the issues, and the desire to do what’s right to help his fellow citizens.

I’m Mark Kuestner and I tick all those boxes. So please vote me into one of the two open City Council seats. Thank you. I won’t let our team down.